Terms & Conditions ProAMT Club

By registering for any of the online/offline services of ProAMT Club , you agree that you have read the to follow rules and regulations set by the online admin.

The Charts/Sheets/Material shared live during the membership access are for educational & reference purpose only.

Trading in Derivatives carries a substantial risk of loss and risk of ruin of entire capital and it’s advisable to consult your person financial adviser before taking any trades based on the levels discussed either online through the screen sharing platform or through the online chat platform.

You also agree that you are paying the fees after understanding the basic structure of the event & are aware that there is no guarantee that by the end of the event you will be able to learn thoroughly or gain mastery on the subject.

Admin reserves the right to ban / disallow / restrict any person using foul / abusive /vulgar language in any sort of communication with the admin team or the fellow participants.

Justfintech.com, @ProAMTraider or any of the team members are not registered financial advisers and the advice given to our Brokerage Clients is in the capacity of a Sub Broker / Authorized person & in no manner connected with this event.

All the posts/ charts / tables or any sort of informative material shared regarding & during the event should not be considered as an investment / trading advice and any person trading based on the charts or levels will be doing so at their own risk & Justfintech.com or its team members will not be responsible for any profits or losses arising from the trades taken on the basis of those levels.

The basic concept of the online/offline program is to educate & share the knowledge regarding various technical studies on the Indices and the admin may or may not be in a position to discuss or share any stock charts and even if any stock charts are shared then the same will be just an observation based on a technical study and not an investment or trading advice.

There will not be any refund payable after successful registration & payment apart from any special case arising due to any natural calamity or any unavoidable circumstances.

Pay U Money is the payment gateway that we will use for collecting payments & Pay U Money has no other commercial interest in the program except for acting as a payment collection gateway.

Once you register and make a payment any digital product on the website, you will receive a confirmation from our side and the subscription of the services will start from maximum 3 days from the date of making payment or on the date of the commencement date of the online program.

In case you do not receive a confirmation within 3 days, you can write to us or fill up the contact form on the website regarding your order and we will look into the matter.

No complaints will  be entertained after 7 days of registration and making the payments.

The event may be stopped / canceled / discontinued if any unavoidable circumstances arise and in such a case we reserve the right to either refund the entire fees or on a pro-rata basis as the case may be.

Anyone registering and making a payment for the event hereby confirms his/her real identity and the admin reserves the right to Ban / Disallow / Restrict any such person who is found to be having a fake identity or is engaged in any fraud.

Any Participant of the program/event is not allowed to share their login credentials / charts / tables / any other educational material with others or re-publish or distribute in any form & we reserve exclusive rights for the same.

None of the proprietary indicators / chart templates / excel sheets / any such material will be given out to any of the participants apart from just sharing it on a screen sharing platform or posting in the communications platform or the website.

Please go through the Risk Disclaimer, Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy Before Registering and making payments for any of the products on the site.

Admin reserves the right to alter the terms & conditions at any point of time & the participants agree to abide by all such terms & conditions time to time.