Rishi Umrania, Founder of Justfintech, also works as a Gaffer & Assistant Cinematographer for Bollywood as well as Hollywood. You can see his Filmography Bio here. Films & Trading sounds crazy but it’s true. Below is a brief introduction in his own words.

The very Idea of learning Technical Analysis came in my mind in July 2009. I met with an accident in Ahmedabad ( Gujarat while returning back to the hotel after the shoot. It was a long break due to severe injury & there was an external fixator on my leg so chances of getting back to Films were not fair in a year or two.

I and Amit began short term Investing way back in 1993, just after schooling. Like many, our dream was to become rich in a short span of time.  But the dream did not last long enough. Most of the stocks we bought either crashed or got de-listed and had to leave that idea. I started my Photography & Editing Studio in Gandhidham, Kutch & shifted to Mumbai in 2001. From working as an Electrician, I walked up the ladder to become a Gaffer & Assistant Cinematographer in a short span of time & still prefer to do few good shoot by choice as now Trading is also a profession.

During my bed rest in 2009-2010, I was thinking about the losses I incurred &  realized about something that I am doing wrong but could not figure out what wrong I was doing until I met Digvijaysinh Jadeja, Friend, Philosopher & Guide is the right term I can use for him. He had a sub broker-ship where I opened my trading account & unlike other Brokers, he had an edge in Technical Analysis and had developed his own trading techniques to suit his nature. He used to guide me in trading but he said that if I had to survive as a Trader then I have to learn to fish & asked me to go through Saint’s forum and his writings titled – “Teach a man to fish”.

The write ups and trading concepts at Saint’s forum were something new for me. Before I could even learn to read the charts I started trading with a bit of knowledge. I failed again so kept searching if there is any Holy Grail. But NO- there isn’t any holy grail in trading like in any other business. We ourselves are Holy Grail in our individual capacity. We are constantly trying to win over the psychology of a mass by using the chart as a supportive tool for our analysis & trading. The key to success lies in our nature & money management skills.

I tried to apply SMA & EMA by following Van Illango’s blog but that also did not help me much. After going through various forums I came across Market Profile & initially thought that how will letters be useful if nothing else was helpful for me. As time passed by, I developed my liking for the Auction Market Theory – Market Profile and started trading on the basis of the same. Later on added Footprint charts to MP to get an edge above the classical analysis and methods. I mostly trade Intra-day in Nifty Index Futures & MCX Crude Oil Futures and at times invest in few stocks based on Composite Profile.

As a part of Justfintech I handle my own trading account as well as moderate the ProAMT Club Live Trading room which we offer as a platform for learning various aspects of trading with the help of Auction Market Theory, Market Profile, Order Flow & VSA. I write about Market Profile Trading on the blog whenever time permits.