Ravindra Lia, CFO, Justfintech, Takes care of the Back Office, Financial and Taxation work of the company as well as the clients.  Below is a brief introduction in his own words.

I have been into Finance Industry since I graduated from college. I initially started working for G M Kapadia & Company ( Chartered Accountants ). I used to visit offices where I saw people talking about huge profits in stocks and few places where they were talking about huge losses. When I used to see the ledgers, few people were really doing good and making more than I could imagine at that time. I used to ask few guys if I can also invest in the same stock as them. Few clients would recommend 1 or 2 stocks and would tell me that only put the amount that you can afford to loose as this is a very risky investment. I use to say to myself that I know it’s risky, the only thing I don’t know is how to choose a stock.

After few years I joined Nucleus and used to interact with the people at Asit C Mehta, where my knowledge grew on choosing a stock and how to do asset allocation. Though I am not a Technical Analysis person but I learned from a friend to look at the fundamentals of the company, not in the way everyone looks at as the Balance sheet is not the future prospectus. The confidence started growing and in 2005 I met Rishi at his Lighting office and started handling his accounts and taxation. After 2009, when Rishi started trading, I used to see his ledger and used to ask queries and the interaction helped both to invest in a better way.  Slowly the conversations started getting interesting though I could not understand the technicalities even a bit but I used to tally it with the way I look at the stock and then reach a conclusion.

Finally, in 2011 when I started doing accounts for various other clients I left the Job and started working independently as I got around 35-40 clients from the lighting company as well as got few other Clients in the Film Industry as well as the Trading community.

As a finance person, I had taken the ARN as I could ask the clients to invest in tax saver funds after analysing their financial health and also took an Insurance agency. But that was for a daytime money making business. Somehow, I wanted to do something in the Markets and when Amit and Rishi spoke about starting a venture I thought why not join in.

As a Part of Justfintech, I do accounting work for most of our brokerage clients and handle the back office part of the entire team.