Meet Shah, Team Member of Justfintech, looks after Public relations & attends to general queries. A Civil Engineer by profession, he developed his interest in trading in 2011. Below is a brief introduction in his own words.

While studying Civil Engineering, I used to listen to my friends talking about huge gains in Stocks. Who would not like making money? I started interacting with those friends about how they find which Stock to trade. Many of them said they do Technical Analysis of the stock & they can estimate the further move. They gave me few links to go through to learn the basics of Technical Analysis.

I went through the books but could not understand a bit. Going through various forums I understood that I will need to learn how the candlestick is made. Basics are very important for someone who is new. I could then create candlesticks in my mind by looking at the O H L C on the terminal. I started using the charts on the terminal but could not dare to trade even if my analysis went right. I took courage one day and traded a banking stock. It was trading at 52-week highs and I was in almost 30% profit in a week but next week it tumbled below my buying price and my confidence got shaken again that Technical Analysis does not work. I had a choice to leave it forever but I decided to carry on and find how others can do it. I started using Saint’s hourly flow method and it was going all well. The fear of losing was not there anymore but I was still not satisfied with my trades.

One day I got introduced to Rishi and he was using Market Profile charts which were again new for me. He told me that as I am following the hourly flow, better to blend it with MP or some other stuff as in sideways markets the flow will take a hit. He suggested that I meet Digvijaysinh Jadeja from whom he learned the basics. I met him and that brought a huge change in my trading.

Finally, I have settled down on using Ichimoku charts, not in the Ichimoku way but just use the cloud as support and resistance, blended with the hourly flow and Keltner bands. I prefer swing trades in the hourly timeframe and can carry it over for few days to few weeks. I look at the Market Profile charts just to see the location of the value and the anomalies.

I trade for self and as a part of Justfintech Team, I help other members in their work, interact with clients and as my English is not fluent I am trying to learn how to write down the analysis and post it on the blog.