Amit Sanghvi, Co-Founder, Justfintech, Pharmacist by profession, serves as a one-man show from Back office to Client services in Kutch- Gujarat.  Below is a brief introduction in his own words.

I would not stretch on the same lines that how this idea of naming Justfintech came up and the long story behind it. In short, the dream of getting into investments and trading and making a fortune just after passing out from the school did not materialize. I took up Pharmacy and then did my graduation in Science and could not think what to pursue and ended u doing MBA. Got a job in Indocem but the timing of the job and staying away from hometown was not feasible due to various reasons. I am a strict follower of Jainism and fast regularly so the market timings were well suited to pursue a career in the Markets. I started my sub-brokership and after few years of screen reading, I realized that the mistakes made in the past were all due to lack of discipline and just getting into any Stocks without getting the hang on how it moves. Slowly I started observing 4-5 stocks carefully and trading them in Cash intraday. The confidence started growing and when I told Rishi about this he said that he has started learning Technical Analysis and that also gives an idea of a probable move. 3 years later I started thinking that this must be known to very few people but now I can see Technical Analysis becoming popular and more and more people learning and trading based on their Analysis.

I wanted to devote more time to social activities as my aim in life is not just earning and spending but doing something good for humanity and after the start of this venture I could delegate few of my responsibilities to teammates and can take my time out for other activities as my burden reduces a bit by just taking care of the office work in Kutch and my own investments. I do not prefer day trading as that is not my nature.  prefer to invest in 2 or 3 parts in a particular stock and hold it for medium to long term. I have made allocations in other investments in debt where i can get quarterly returns.