Open AMA with ProAMTraider on 19-08-2016

Recording of an Open AMA – Ask Me Anything session with @ProAMTraider at 11.00 am on the 19th of August 2016. You can ask anything about Market Profile, Auction Market Theory, Order Flow Analysis, Risk Management, Position Sizing and trading the Indian Index Derivatives.

There were many questions on Market Profile & Volume Profile where the people who had asked the questions were not present so request that when you send in the questions, please be there to attend the event else it’s difficult to answer the query. Also, it makes more sense to go into details of Market Profile when the question is regarding Market Profile & that too an important one. It’s a very sad state that most people sell it as an indicator which gives targets and stops but It’s a graphical representation of the two-way auction process and not a buy-sell mechanism. Many people interpret it in a way that it can be sold to the sheep in an organized form. Contrary to the wrong practices, this is an effort to spread the sole purpose of the Theory.

This must be one of the first AMA session in India as far as we know and hope to do such events every month to give back what we have got from the community of traders, ever willing to share their views with aspiring traders.


Disclaimer :

The views in the video are for educational & reference purpose only. Trading in derivatives has high risk involved and not suitable for all investors. Any levels discussed in the video are not a recommendation/offer to buy or sell any or all of the mentioned derivatives. Any person trading or making buying or selling decisions on the basis of the mentioned levels should do so at their own risk. / its affiliates / staff will not be responsible for any profits and/or losses arising from the trades executed on the basis of the discussed levels. It is advisable to consult your personal financial adviser/consultant before entering into a trade. The usage of the video is subject to Terms of Use, Risk Disclosure / Disclaimer and Privacy Policy of


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