Analysis to Action Webinar

While planning for the Analysis to Action Webinar, the primary thought was to go through a step by step process of trading market generated information for aspiring traders as well as other traders who already use other conventional methods & want to add market generated information in their tool box for technical analysis.

We are thankful for the overwhelming response & the patience shown by the participants to be there for an entire day for a common goal – LEARNING & BEING PROFITABLE. Five hours are not sufficient to go through each and every aspect of Market Profile, Order Flow, Risk Management, Position Sizing, Trading Mind Set so it went on more than 5 hours & still had to fast forward the discussion. There is a lot more to becoming a successful trader & takes a lot of hard work. From few questions, it seemed that more than 50% people are eager to make money but jumping methods & still in search of the holy grail. There were others who have already started following defined methods & trying to perfect it by each passing day. In the end, it all boils down upon one’s own self and understanding one’s own nature & pursue a method that suits.


  • Market Profile Terminology, References & Nuances 

  • Looking at the auction behaviour irrespective of Time

  • Using Candlesticks to analyse the bigger picture, Balances, Imbalances & Fair Price

  • Order Flow Basics, Pros & Cons while using data for Indian Markets 

  • Risk Management & Position Sizing to get understanding of how things change when calculated with an objective method 

  • Trading Mindset & Habits 

The Trading mindset part is as long as what we discussed about the theories of analysis & will do a stand alone webinar on Trading Mindset in near future.

Last but not the least, a big thank you for some wonderful emails that many participants have sent and many have suggested for a learning programme as a part of ProAMT Club Live & would like to share that it is already going on but do not prefer to do any marketing gimmicks for the same & would like to deal with people who are really passionate about trading successfully & its not an easy job to be successful.

Analysis to Action Webinar Recording in 3 parts can be found below. There is a mistake in the TPO chart where the 1st bar was set to 120 minutes & during the recording at one point that was changed to 30 minutes. From the questions, got some hints to add more options to the Position size sheet & will do the needful & upload it.

For best viewing experience choose 1080p HD from the bottom right hand corner.


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